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Just 3 questions to…

Nicola Smith – Director and Head of Acting at Musicality Academy

Q: What is it about Drama and acting that excites you?

Seeing children develop their confidence – This is absolutely key for anyone who wants to act or get involved in drama in any way and watching a performer become more confident is so rewarding. I also love sharing my passion and enjoyment with others and of course,
making memories for families that will last a life time. Drama can be so powerful.

Q: Which Director do you most admire and why?

Peter Brooke – A director who changed the way people viewed Shakespeare. He made Shakespeare relevant and was able to convey Shakespearian language to anyone, no matter what their own native language was. This was partly because of his approach to physical theatre, which often included acrobatics. He believed in: ‘actions speak louder than words’ and I have always found this exciting.

Q: What don’t we know about you?

I love sports cars! – In fact…all cars! Any type, any colour, but especially the fast ones! I have no idea where this stems from, but it’s definitely part of who I am!


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