Dance Classes

Creating a Passion for Dance!

At Musicality, ‘Musical Theatre’ is our speciality. We are an award winning company who excel in this genre, and as part of our Musical Theatre classes, students are taught many different genres of dance including jazz, contemporary, ballet and tap.

In addition to this we offer separate classes for our younger students to start creating a passion for dance and to give them a taster of lots of different dance styles, which also introduces them to different types of music.

Apart from being great fun, every class is fantastic for keeping fit and healthy. Children will find their stamina and flexibility improving and of course, dance of any sort is wonderful for increasing confidence and expression.

All of our dance classes are fun and non-exam based.


FREE parking and disabled access at both our dance venues

Musicality has had such a huge impact on my life. Thanks to this company, my confidence is higher than it ever has been, and I’ve been able to work on my skills as a performer in a very friendly and comfortable environment.