Ballet Classes

Our ballet classes have been designed to complement our Musical Theatre (MT) classes and most pupils will therefore take a ballet class either before or after their MT session, offering an all round training and enabling our MT classes to concentrate on acting, singing and other dance genres. However this is not essential and our ballet classes can be enjoyed separately if you so wish.

All our ballet classes include barre work, centre work and ballet fitness.

Ballet Basics & Beyond (School Years 6-8)
Monday 5.15-6pm (£4.50 per lesson paid termly)

Ballet/Ballet Conditioning (School Year 9 – Adult)
Monday 6-7pm (£5 per lesson paid termly)


Dress code
Since most pupils immediately attend MT classes before or after their ballet class, we operate a less disciplined than usual approach with ballet uniform. suitable ballet wear is available to purchase from our reception.

  1. Black dance tights or close fitting leggings
  2. Black leotard or close fitting Black T shirt.
  3. Black or pink ballet shoes with elastic (not ribbons)
  4. Hair MUST be tied back and off the face
  5. Ballet cardigans and leg warmers may be worn until sufficiently warmed up.

For ballet without the stress of exams, register use our online contact form:


Would you like to experience a class at Musicality without committing to a full term?
We value our teaching staff, as well as our customers so we offer a one off ‘trial session’ for just £5 and should you decide to stay with us, we will of course, deduct this from your terms fees. It couldn’t be easier!