Alice the Musical – Show Review

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Alice the Musical 

It was lovely to see the auditorium filled with a very appreciative audience for this Welsh premier of ‘Alice the Musical’. There was eager anticipation and we as an audience were not disappointed. There was a very simple yet highly effective set and lighting was used very well indeed. The costumes were great and I take my hat off to the stage crew and cast for manoeuvring the set so well. The production was very well cast and much as I would love to mention all the talented performers, I have a word limit to consider. That being said, I have to congratulate the ensemble in their various guises as they were very good and always well-focused on stage, much to the credit of the actors and the production team. There were some delightful performances from the principals and I must mention Alex Murphy who was a wonderful Mad Hatter, Alyce Spencer as Dormouse, fabulous performances from Josh Thomas and Jack Jenkins as TweedleDee and TweedleDum and a lovely White Rabbit from Natalie Twist. Robin Haley, Emily Merchant and Ben Lang also gave lovely performances. There were some outstanding actors on the stage and special mention must go to the ‘Spades’, Angharad Weeks, Gemma Partridge and Leah Collett who were excellent, Zoe Way as a very good Cheshire Cat, Ellie Evans as a suitably feisty and naïve Alice, and to my mind (and the mind of the greatest critics in the world, my two children) David Davies-Ribnicov who gave an incredible performance as the Caterpillar. It was a very entertaining and enjoyable production and my thanks and congratulations go to the entire company!

Luke Spencer, NODA Representative, Wales and Ireland District 5

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