Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a new hobby or interest can be daunting as well as exciting, and in our experience, you might have a few questions that you’d like to ask… We hope the following notes might help you:

Has Musicality Academy been assessed to ensure it is COVID Secure?

Yes. We have been through a long and complicated assessment and are pleased (and relieved) to say that we have been certified as COVID Secure. We have implemented all recommendations which include:

Temperature checks on arrival
Sanitizer Stations
One way system
Use of large (with ventilation)
Social distancing where necessary. (Class sizes have been reduced to enable this)
Masks (12+) are worn when social distancing isn’t possible, although we don’t envisage this happening. Spare disposable masks are available from our reception desk, should your child forget theirs.
Track & Trace has been added to our database.


Where do I go?

All our classes are held at ‘The Hub’ at Gendros Community Centre.
You can find the full address HERE

Where do I park?

We plenty of FREE car parking.

Who do I see upon arrival?

At the Canolfan, we have a reception desk at the entrance. Emma will be pleased to welcome you and if it’s your first ever visit, please don’t forget to pick up your Welcome Pack – This is full of useful information!

Can I pay per class?

Our classes are invoiced termly and we ask you to settle your invoice before term starts. We do however, offer trial sessions, which are ideal if it’s your first time at Musicality and you are still a little unsure about joining.  All fees are paid via bank transfer, except trial classes which may be paid in cash.

Do you offer ‘Trial Sessions’

Yes we do! You may trial any class of your choice and can book this using our online timetable. Should you decide to enrol (and we hope you do!), you will only be charged for the remainder of that term.

What do I need to wear and/or bring?

We do have a uniform, which ‘our Musical Theatre students should wear to each class. Please wear your T shirt or any other Musicality branded clothing to all classes. We also suggest bringing a bottle of water with you. we do not allow fizzy drinks or sweets into class. All Musicality Academy branded items may be purchased online at ROCK THE DRAGON

I have never done anything like this before and don’t know anyone there – Will I be made welcome?

Absolutely! Most of our students joined as individuals but soon made friends. We are a very close company and have pastoral assistants in all our younger classes to help ease stressful issues. At Musicality we nurture whatever talents you may have, experienced or non-experienced. Our job is to recognise your potential and make sure you reach it. As long as you try your best and be prepared to have a go…you’ll have a great time at Musicality!

Is it possible to do Musical Theatre classes and dance classes?

Yes it is! A large percentage of Musicality Academy students also attend our dance classes, which have been designed to create a passion of dance. Each class offers all types of dance to all types of music. We offer a 10% multi-class discount for those attending more than one class. Our dance classes are aimed for students aged 7-14.

I have 2 children interested in joining – Do you offer family discounts?
Yes, we appreciate the constraints of offering both or all children in the family the same opportunities, so we offer a  20% off sibling classes.

Will I/my child be in a show?

All our MT students are offered performance opportunities and we are always rehearsing for one show or another! Those not involved in one show, will soon be involved in another and our Mini Musicality students get the chance to perform in front of friends and family at the end of most terms…gradually getting them ready for the big stage!

Do you do exams?

No. Musicality is all about being creative and encouraging a passion for the arts. We find that it comes as a great relief to pupils and parents alike, to attend somewhere for pure enjoyment without the stresses and strains of exams. For those interested in auditioning for performing arts courses and conservatoires, we offer extended training, support and advice. Please speak to a member of staff if this is the case.