Musicality Management Celebrates a Fabulous & Successful 1st Year!

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Musicality Management Celebrates a Fabulous & Successful 1st Year!

…and what a year it has been!

We are thrilled that our first year as a talent agency year has been so successful with the majority of our clients having had castings, recalls and indeed, jobs confirmed!

We thought you might be interested in sharing some of our exciting moments:

Elysia Coates – Workshopped the new Take That musical ‘The Band’ in London with Gary Barlow and Tim Firth…Meeting all of Take That at the end of the week and working with Jenner Russell who is currently playing ‘Michelle’ in Eastenders and director Jack Ryder. Elysia was also offered a role in two other stage shows in Wales, which she had to decline due to other theatrical  commitments! Elysia has been seen for several commercials and is being considered for a new series in the U.S.
Robin Haley – Got through 2 rounds of ‘Let it Shine’ auditions for BBC and has had castings for a music video and a ‘Tesco’ commercial.
Josie Daniel – Got down to the final two for the film ‘The Current War’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch and a new major TV series called ‘Genius: Einstein’. Josie was also considered for a  U.S feature film, being called in by the casting directors personally, on the strength of her previous castings! Her casting tapes have been viewed by top directors in Los Angeles and we are sure she is one to watch!
Aiyanna Harris, Ava Popham, Daniella Hicks & Hallie Brown – Workshopped with the Director of new film to be made in Wales, with Aiyana getting an additional re-call and

‘We Can be Heroes’ – The majority of our clients enjoyed filming for ‘We Can be Heroes’ in Bristol last summer. The film is based on the children’s book of the same name by author Catherine Bruton, who was also at the filming. The film stars Alison Steadman and Phil Daniel and is set to be released soon…We can’t wait to see it in the cinema and to see our clients’ names in the credits!

In addition to the above, castings, re-calls and successes have included:
‘Orange’ (commercial), ‘Halfords’(commercial), ‘Dreams Beds’(commercial), ‘Maison du Monde’(commercial),  ‘Walmart’(commercial), ‘Febreze’(commercial), ‘My Pet Dinosaur’ (TV), ‘First Loves’ (Film),  ‘Impulse’ (commercial), ‘Action Park’ (film) ‘Sky Sports’ (commercial), ‘Bion 3 Vitamins’ (commercial), ‘Bugaloos’ (U.S TV), ‘Ebay’ (commercial), short films, photographic shoots and many many more!

Congratulations to all our clients who have had success this year and if this is just the start…we are looking forward to the next 12 months with baited breath!
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