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Just 3 questions to…

Amanda Murphy – Company Principal of Musicality Academy

Q: What was the first musical that inspired you to take an interest in Musical Theatre?

A Chorus Line. I went to see it at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in 1976 when it first transferred from Broadway and it absolutely blew my mind! My brother had the LP which I ‘borrowed’ on a permanent basis, so I listened to it again and again until I knew every word. At aged 10, I probably didn’t fully understand the back stories of all the characters but the music, dancing and gold sparkly tailcoats hooked me in forever!

Q: What inspired you to run a Musical Theatre company?

The Barn Theatre. As a child and young adult, I was a very active member of a fabulous theatre company in Hertfordshire, called The Barn Theatre. The theatre and everything that went on there was run by its members, so I got involved in acting, choreographing, directing, costumes, props, stage management, show administration and even the running of the theatre bar! My time there shaped me as a person and remains my inspiration for everything I want for Musicality. I just need an old barn please, a stage and 120 old cinema seats and Ill be good to go!

Q: Tell us something that most people don’t know about you!

Hmmmm….I used to play the drums in a band called ‘The Dissidentz’. Yes…with a Zed!
I think I was probably useless but it was loads of fun and we even recorded a track on an album! Great friends and fabulous adventures…Very happy memories!

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