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Emily Merchant – Head of Young Performers at  Musicality Academy

Q: If you could be in any musical – What part would you like to play?

Velma Kelly –  I absolutely love the musical ‘Chicago’ and have always wanted to play Velma Kelly. She is feisty and doesn’t take any nonsense (a bit like me!)

Q: Who do you admire?

Alison Steadman –  I studied her in ‘Abigails Party’ in college and love how she makes a character real! It was a great day when I met her on the set of Gavin and Stacey. We had a laugh and a joke together and this was a real ‘wow’ moment in my life!

Q: What don’t we know about you?

Dare I tell you about the milk incident? – I was a dancer in Geri Halliwell’s music video ‘It’s raining men’. I was 18 and as we were leaving the set, I realised we were at Geri Halliwell’s trailer. There was milk outside the door and because I was young (and dumb!) I thought it would be fun to take it…Obviously, looking back, I know this was not a great idea but I have to admit, that it’s a fun story to tell! Sorry Geri.

PS: Our pupils have been amazing during lockdown, they are such a lovely bunch of children and we are going to have so much fun we get back into the classroom, as I’ve got lots of exciting things planned! 


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