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Just 3 questions to…

Eleri Thomas – Musical Director at  Musicality Academy

Q: What do you find most rewarding about teaching at Musicality Academy?

Influencing a students future – It doesn’t matter what they want to go on and do, but being a part of Musicality helps to build their self esteem, develops their creativity and teaches them self discipline.

To be able to share with them skills needed not just for a career in musical theatre but for life is why I love my job!

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

‘Don’t wish for it, work for it’ –  I love that it’s so clear and simple and it applies to everything!

Q: Who is the most famous person you have ever worked with?

Sir Tom Jones – I’ve been very lucky to work with quite a few famous people but I think top of my list has to be Sir Tom Jones! I worked on a production for the BBC with Sir Tom and Beverley Knight called a Gospel Christmas a few years ago. He was full of stories about his childhood and how important Gospel music was to him growing up. Looking after him for the day and hearing him sing live in the studio has to be a life highlight for definite!

Our next 3 questions will be to Emma Paisey – Choreographer for Musicality Academy

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