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Just 3 questions to…

Emma Paisey – Choreographer at  Musicality Academy

Q: Who do you most admire in the world of dance?

Darcey Bussell – From a very young age, I always admired Darcey Bussell,  but over the years, I have been inspired by and, admired many more dancers, such as: Martha Graham, Matthew Bourne, Michael Jackson, Bob Fosse, Fred Astaire and Gillian Lynne to name a few!

Q: Is there a genre of dance you would still love to learn?

Ballroom & Latin – I have always loved Ballroom and Latin but never studied it. It is a beautiful genre of dance and the dancers always have fabulous muscle tone, which has got to be a massive bonus! Lol!

Q: Do you have a favourite dance number in a musical?

The Cell Block Tango – Most people know, I am obsessed with the musical ‘Chicago’!
I love all the different dance sections that are used throughout this numberl and Bob Fosses’ choreography is so strong, quirky and wonderful, that you cant fail to be mesmerised by it!

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