Summer Holiday – NODA Review

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At this time of year there is nothing better than a show that is bright and cheery with upbeat songs and dances and cast that is full of enthusiasm and energy. This is what Musicality gave its audience in this production of Summer Holiday. We were transported and taken on the journey through Europe with the cast.
The set was simple but very effective and used well. The costumes were good and often the lighting gave a real ambience to the scenes. The ensemble were excellent and well-focused on stage with a really good chorus sound in the company numbers. There were some lovely cameo roles played by Josie Daniel, Catrin Thorne, Gemma Partridge, Leo Huntley, Nihchal Kalra, Elie Stallard and Ceri Daniel.
The production was very well cast with the boys’ team and the girls’ team working well together and interacting effectively on stage. Don was played by Robin Haley with great energy and stage presence, with rest of the boys, David Davies-Ribnicov as Steve, Aidan Wilson as Cyril and Nicholas Heaton as Edwin, really having amazing fun on stage which filtered to the audience.
The girls were great with Zoe Way playing Barbara beautifully and Daniella Difede as Mimsie, Elysia Coates as Angie and Madeleine Morgan as Alma all giving lovely performances. Emily Merchant was the perfect Stella, suitably overbearing and pushy and Rhys Iddon played the hen-pecked put-upon agent Jerry brilliantly.
This was a very enjoyable performance and my congratulations go to the entire company.

Luke Spencer

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