Just 3 Questions To…

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Just 3 questions to…

Emma Thorne – Assistant to our Company Principal & Head Chaperone at  Musicality Academy

Q: How did you first get involved with Musicality academy?

My Children –  My eldest two children joined ten years ago and shortly after, my youngest also joined. I volunteered to help backstage for a show and absolutely loved it! Ive done every show since! I love it.

Q: When you work backstage during Musicality’s theatre productions – Do you miss watching from the audience?

Surprisingly I don’t! –  I very much feel part of the  show working backstage that I don’t feel the need to watch it from the audience. However, I must confess, a sneaky peak from the wings now and again is a an added bonus!

Q: When you get a chance to peek into classes & rehearsals, what do you love to see or hear the most?

The dance routines! – I LOVE watching the dances, especially seeing how they evolve during rehearsals and then evolve even more so when they transfer to the stage… The atmosphere is always exciting in the rehearsal room when the company is learning a new routine. I also love watching a show slowly take shape and watching it all come together for opening night…Its a fabulous process!

PS: “Can I also add, that I have really missed seeing the children face to face every week whilst we have been in lockdown and cannot wait to see them all again, when teaching resumes in the classroom!

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