Matilda Workshop Was A Little Bit Naughty!

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Young students at Musicality Academy had an absolute treat this week, when Gemma Scholes from the West End production of Matilda, hosted an online workshop.

Matilda workshopThe students were taught the song ‘Naughty’ during the Matilda Workshop , and once they had mastered the difficult timing, went on to add in the iconic dance moves. Emily, the teacher of our young performers, also joined in, as did Company Principal Amanda Murphy.

Gemma ScholesFor many of the students, it was their first experience of an online lesson, but it all went smoothly and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Gemma was extremely friendly and taught us how important it was to keep our moves sharp. We ended the routine in the famous Matilda ‘hands-on-hips’ position, which of course we all loved!


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Above all, it was lovely to see some of the students again and we can’t wait now, to get back to classes as usual. In the meantime, this was a brilliant experience and the feedback was really positive:

Oh my goodness! XYZ absolutely LOVED the workshop! What a great experience for them all. Its the happiest Ive seen my daughter in. months!

Thanks so much for the Matilda workshop, XYZ absolutely loved it, she’s hoping there will be others.

The workshop was fab! The girls thoroughly enjoyed, thank you.


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