Sophie is a Box Office Smash!

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Musicality Management client Sophie Jane Oliver, is causing quite a stir in the film industry at the moment. Not only has her film ‘Shortcut’ been released in cinemas in the USA to great reviews, but shops in America are now selling ‘The Sophie Jane Oliver’ coat!

Yes, it is honestly true! The pink coat that Sophie wears in the teenage horror movie is now being copied and sold in the states becasue the film is such a hit!  It’s has quite a price tag too at $169!

Sophie who plays ‘Bess’ in the film is one of the five main roles and was not expecting this reaction at all – She says, “It is just too funny, I couldnt believe my eyes, when I saw the advert for the first time! 

Sophie who was originally with Musicality Academy is now studying Performing Arts at Bridgend College, Wales, with a view to pursue a career in acting. However, she had no idea that her career would get off to such a flying start. It was a year between her initial audition and her recall, but then it all happened very quickly, with a month spent in Italy filming.


Sophie was recently interviewd by Gold Belt Media and told them lots about the film, but be careful if you watch the full video of the interview, as there are a couple of spoilers in it. The interviewer LOVED the film and asked some great questions, which led us all to believe that perhaps there will be a sequel! We are keeping our fingers crossed!






‘Shortcut’ is due to be available in the UK from December, so we cannot wait until we can watch it for ourselves. Those of us who have had a sneak peak, can assure you that if youre a fan of ‘Stranger Things’ or anything similar, then youre going to love this film. However, dont take our word for it…the film went straight into the top 10 in the U.S box office and is the only Italian made film to have ever done so!

At Musicality Management, we are thrilled for Sophie…our very first film star, A box office smash and a fashion icon no less!



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