Can Musical Theatre Classes Really Make a Difference to your Child?

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Can Musical Theatre classes really make a
to your child?

Every parent worries that their child is being included at school, progressing as required and making friends.

For many children, especially those who are naturally shy or a little anxious, this can be difficult, so how can you best help your child?

Musical Theatre classes are an ideal way of teaching your child the social skills that are necessary for them to develop. Musical Theatre includes acting, singing and dancing and so promotes numerous benefits for the mind and body.


Drama alone, has always proven to provide children with a number of essential skills. When your child has to play the role of another character they learn how to interact in situations they wouldn’t normally face, which is a great way of helping your child overcome confidence issues.

In dance, children learn the importance of being fit and healthy. They learn to warm up and cool down, to stretch and increase their flexibility, to listen to all types of music and of course, they learn musicality!

When children sing, they have the chance to really express themselves and singing is a great stress reliever. Often, children with speech difficulties can excel at singing.

Here are just a few more benefits of Musical Theatre classes:

  • Your child will grow in Confidence and Self esteem
  • Your child will find social interaction easier.
  • Your child will be able to express themself more articulately.
  • Your child will learn to project their voice and their diction will improve.
  • Your child will learn lines and routines, helping to promote a great memory.
  • Your child will make new friendships.
  • Your child will learn how to cooperate and compromise with others.
  • Your child will interact with other children from all backgrounds and will learn to be non-judgmental, kind and supportive.
  • Your child will learn presentation skills, which will help in turn with school assemblies etc.
  • Your child will be introduced to all types of music, learning how to recognise rhythms, beats and different timings.
  • Your child will learn the importance of staying fit and healthy- this will include vocal health

So…can musical theatre classes really make a
difference to your child?




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