Farewell Josie

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This week we say farewell to our amazing teaching assistant and long term Musicality student, Josie Daniel.

Josie has been with Musicality for 13 years, joining when she was just 5 years old. It soon became clear that Josie had a real talent for performing, and indeed, she went on to become a leading actor in many of our productions…too numerous to mention!

We were particularly proud when Josie was accepted into the National Youth Theatre and for the amazing feedback we had from her, following her many castings for Tv and film, but we are mostly proud of what a fine young lady she has become and we will always be grateful for her time spent as a teaching assistant in our Mini, Junior and Academy classes…Always smiling, confident and positive, Josie is a real inspiration to our pupils.

Josie is off the London to study Journalism at University, an area in which we know for sure, she’ll excel in, and no doubt we’ll see her on our TV screens before too long presenting her news and views to the world.

Josie is a talented, academic and confident young adult who has Musicality Academy running right through her bones, and we bid her farewell with all our love and best wishes for an amazing career. We hope to see her during her visits home and she has promised to come back for our next show week, so we are just putting that in writing right now, so she can’t go back on it!

GOOD LUCK JOSIE – We will all miss you. xx


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