Musical Theatre Classes

The Academy provides training in all aspects of musical theatre with classes being divided into specific age groups.

Mini Musicality (Reception – Year 2)
Monday 5.15pm – 6.15pm
Saturday 9.15-10.15am

The Mini’s are introduced to musical theatre in a fun way which includes drama games, singing and dancing. The classes are designed above all to encourage and build self-confidence and to improve communication in a safe and controlled environment.
Fees: £70 per term

My daughter loves it so much her little brother has joined too. Such a supportive group I would recommend them to everyone.

Fagin and Gang in Oliver 2016Junior Company (Years 3 – Year 5)
Monday 5.15pm – 6.15pm

The junior classes are designed to create a passion within the child for musical theatre and allows them to express themselves through the medium of acting, singing and dancing.
Children are encouraged to express themselves both individually and as part of an ensemble and will learn many new skills that will help them develop into confident performer.
Fees: £80 per term

I recently joined Musicality and from day one I felt accepted there. I have never felt more welcomed nor appreciated than I have at Musicality and I am so glad that I decided to join.

Youth Company (Years 6 – 8)
Monday 6pm-7pm

Students learn to nurture their performance skills within a safe environment that enables them to experiment confidently with various different dance genres, singing techniques and vocal exercises. The students will also learn the importance of staying fit, stage presence, microphone technique and theatre terms in readiness for their time on stage.
Fees: £85 per term

As a parent, I can see the commitment, dedication and professionalism from the Musicality team and how they nurture the children to bring out their personalities and find their inner confidence.

Senior Company (Year 9 to Adult)
Monday 7pm-9pm

Students in the senior company perform to a high level and are trained in acting, singing and dancing. They need to be dedicated and committed with regular attendance. Singing lessons concentrate on harmonies and vocal techniques and all students have the chance to experience many different dance genres, including ballet, contemporary and tap. The senior company produce award winning musicals and showcases on a regular basis and many of our students go on to study performing arts at top conservatoires in the UK.
Fees: £90 per term

The people who attend Musicality are such wonderful people, it is so easy to make friends, everyone is  supportive of each other and the teachers are filled with so much positivity and support which is the best atmosphere to work and learn in.

All NEW students get a FREE Musicality polo shirt on first joining!
All fees are paid in the first two weeks of term by bank transfer only.

All new students may attend for 2 weeks prior to committing to a whole term.Fees are not transferable or refundable.