Musicality Minis are a ‘Roaring’ Success!

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Musicality Minis were a ‘roaring success’ this week when they presented an ‘open rehearsal’ to their proud families.

The children aged 4-6 years old, gave us an insight into their weekly classes that include acting, singing and dancing.

The Musicality Minis shared a lovely animal poem which displayed great diction and confidence. There was a circus performance which included their recent work on mime technique and a song and danceLion King performance by Musicality Minis routine to ‘The Lion King’ which was fabulous!

The low key show and tell evenings are organised by teacher Emily Merchant and her Pastoral Assistant, Gemma Partridge who provided a free insight into what the children get up to at Musicality every Monday!

The children showed parents their warm up, which this term had been choreographed to ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ from the musical ‘Hairspray’ and then we watched drama games that have been designed especially for the children by Musicality staff. The games teach the children the important basics of the theatre, including stage directions, how to stand on stage, how to bow properly etc.

The audience of over 60 parents thoroughly enjoyed the evening, many of whom commented on how their child’s confidence had grown even over a short time at Musicality. Other parents commented on new friendships that had been made and others were queuing up to enrol their children for Musicality ballet, as they could see the positive benefits that the children were gaining.

For the staff at Musicality this was a heartwarming evening as we see the children growing from strength to strength and becoming lovely young performers. A proud evening for all concerned and massive congratulations to all the children involved who were superb!

Thank you to all those who continue to support their children and Musicality!

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